Smart home. Smart electrical system (smart home)

There are several devices that control lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, electric shutters and awnings, the garage and generally any electrical appliance or device in the home or workplace.

These devices are able to control that works with electricity, dealing with a human or automatically programatismo even when missing from the site.

For example, the lights, to turn off, turn on the heater-air conditioning, upload-download-electric roller blinds, open-close the garage door to check a socket (if it has power or not) to light lights when it gets dark and turn off once the light, close the air just open a window to handle all your current computer to warn of danger, to remove someone with malicious intentions, and many other techniques of smart electrical installations.

Systems are available commercially smart home needs to be done before installation study from the start of construction and installation of devices that can be done later without (odd jobs) and special wiring.

These devices provide safety, comfort, and energy saving solutions.

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